Summer 2022 Internship Reflection
Chinook was fortunate to have two fantastic undergraduate interns for Summer 2022, Katie Braden and Jordan Kauffman. They've shared their experiences about the program.
The ABCs of Rolling Equity: A Story of Chips and Apples
Rolling Equity in a transaction diversifies a business owner’s risk profile by taking chips off the table while still holding meaningful equity with significant upside.
How COVID is Impacting Private Company Valuations
COVID has transformed nearly every aspect of daily life, including the performance of privately held businesses.
Advisory Boards Are A Bad Idea If You Answer Yes To These Three Questions
Selling a business is complex, and since there are no “do-overs”, it is worth the extra effort, time, and money to be properly prepared.
Of Course, Enterprise Value = EBITDA x the Multiple… Uh, So What’s the Multiple?
A key metric that is relied on with the market approach is normalized earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA).
It's about trust: why you should invest in a Quality of Earnings Report
A QofE provides a professional, third-party analysis that validates the financial information an owner has shared about the business.
Some Say LOI’s Aren’t Worth the Paper They’re Printed On. We Disagree.
It’s important to understand which elements of a well-constructed Letter of Intent (LOI) are necessary.
What the heck is adjusted EBITDA and why is it so darn important?
Business owners contemplating the sale of their business should have an idea of what their adjusted EBITDA is and how certain inputs affect this value.
Due Diligence Is Just Around The... Oh Wait, It’s Already Here. Be Prepared.
Strong due diligence preparation before the letter of intent makes the closing more likely to actually happen.

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