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As a business owner, there are many aspects to consider. You need to stay ahead of the curve, know the trends, how to handle your clients, your staff, your finances, all while keeping the big picture clear ahead. Things can change and goals need to be tweaked along the way. At Chinook, we offer you help with that clarity, those tweaks, your goals. Here, you will find some materials to help guide your way. 

Chinook Capital Advisors represents owners of SeaWestern Fire Fighting Equipment in Recapitalization by Traction Capital Partners

Chinook Capital Advisors, a leading M&A advisory firm serving the needs of Pacific Northwest business owners, was the exclusive advisor to SeaWestern Fire Fighting Equipment (“SeaWestern”) in its recapitalization by Traction Capital Partners (“Traction”).

 SeaWestern is the Pacific Northwest’s leading distributor of personal protective firefighting equipment. For over 40 years, they have partnered with the very best manufacturers to supply emergency services throughout the Northwest with breathing apparatuses, turnout gear, station wear, compressors, and accessories in addition to testing and repair services. SeaWestern is based in Kirkland, Washington, and serves customers across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

 “We feel very blessed that we chose to hire Chinook Capital Advisors. Our marketplace was going through some changes that added a layer of complexity within our territory and our company. Only due to Chinook’s transactional experience coupled with their ‘never give up’ attitude, were we able to find the right strategic partner to help grow the business and close on a deal that we are very satisfied with. Chinook provided invaluable advice, expertise and partnership throughout the process,” stated Steve Morris and Susan Doyle, siblings and second-generation SeaWestern shareholders.

 “The Chinook team was honored to work with SeaWestern to find the right growth partner.The recapitalization by Traction will allow the company to continue to strengthen its product and service offering while maintaining the family-like relationships that the company has been built on,” added Ed Kirk, co-founder of Chinook.

 “SeaWestern’s future has never looked brighter. Traction’s desire to partner with Steve and Susan to grow the business is a winning formula that will benefit customers, employees, suppliers, and all stakeholders. We could not be happier for Steve and Susan as SeaWestern begins this new chapter,” added John O’Dore, co-founder of Chinook.


About Chinook Capital Advisors:

Chinook Capital Advisors is a leading M&A advisory firm serving the needs of Pacific Northwest business owners. The firm helps businesses prepare for and execute transition events.Their expertise includes sell-side advisory/seller representation services, advisory board/transaction preparation services, valuation services, and debt advisory services. Chinook serves many of the key industries that drive the Pacific Northwest economy, including manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, business services, technology, healthcare, food & beverage, and consumer products.  More information about Chinook can be found at


Ed Kirk, Co-Founder


John O’Dore, Co-Founder