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As a business owner, there are many aspects to consider. You need to stay ahead of the curve, know the trends, how to handle your clients, your staff, your finances, all while keeping the big picture clear ahead. Things can change and goals need to be tweaked along the way. At Chinook, we offer you help with that clarity, those tweaks, your goals. Here, you will find some materials to help guide your way. 

Chinook Capital Advisors represents owners of Syntonic Microwave in acquisition by Mercury Systems

Chinook Capital Advisors, a leading M&A advisory firm serving the needs of Pacific Northwest business owners, served as the exclusive advisor to Syntonic Microwave (“Syntonic”) in its acquisition by Mercury Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRCY) (“Mercury”).

Located in Portland, Oregon, and Campbell, California, Syntonic is a leading manufacturer of wideband phase coherent tuners, microwave converters, and synthesizers for the aerospace and defense markets. The products are uniquely designed to support multiple configurations and ease of customization, providing customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

“Many thanks to the entire team at Chinook Capital Advisors. We have been greatly impressed by the wide spectrum of support and services they were able to deploy throughout the process - from learning the many nuances of our business, to finding well-matched suitors, to managing and navigated the complex stages of closing the deal,” said Jay Goodfriend, Syntonic shareholder. “They have a true full-service organization and it seemed that every bit of that capability was needed to get over the finish line.”

“The key to the success of this transaction was positioning Syntonic’s unique capabilities in the aerospace and defense sectors to the right investors,” added John O’Dore, co-founder of Chinook. “We are excited to see what the future holds for Jay and his team and are also very proud to represent yet another company with roots in Portland.”

“We are grateful to have helped the shareholders of Syntonic in their search for a growth partner, and we found that in Mercury,” added Ed Kirk, co-founder of Chinook. “Syntonic’s management team is excited to have the resources, experience, and industry expertise that Mercury provides in the fast-growing national and international aerospace and defense markets. We wish them continued success.”



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Ed Kirk, Co-Founder


John O’Dore, Co-Founder